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End-User Training Presentation

This presentation is used by Competent / Trainer and Fall Protection Specialist members to deliver  for fall protection and rescue PPE training (36 slides) to end-users.  WAH end-user training is designed to be experiential and attendee's are expected to participate in all exercises.  The WAH Training Assessment is used to identify training needs and the Competent / Trainer or Fall Protection Specialist develops the training event accordingly. 

The presentation matches the Training Tri-fold that every participant receives and can be kept as a training record. The WAH program is structured where all local PPE, regardless of manufacturer, can be trained upon.  There are no limitations on the source of PPE on the training.  WAH training is designed to be minimal risk and focuses on PPE use, therefore, the only limitation on training is that it is conducted at ground level. 

Click HERE TO DOWNLOAD the presentation. 

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