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Fall Protection Program Build

This WAH service assists employers to develop a new or augment an existing fall protection program.  Using ANSI Z359.2 as a template and in cooperation with the organization, this service evaluates existing and potential fall hazards, develops solutions, generates PPE lists, identifies training required, recommends storage/maintenance/inspection needs, writes procedures, and develops rescue plans.  This service is often combined with WAH Training for an organization to maintain the program and deliver training events.  

Fall Protection Continuing Education

WAH believes that education and training do not "expire" providing they are being exercised regularly.  This WAH service provides initial training and a continuing education plan for organizations to maintain fall protection certifications through shorter, more frequent, focused, training events.  In cooperation with an organization, WAH develops a continuing education plan that may include webinars, skill validation, testing, drills, or updates according to needs.  Organizations are given a custom WAH membership where staff sign on and track continuing education hours and events.  WAH Continuing Education Program is often combined with the Competent / Trainer course so internal staff can maintain the fall protection program and deliver training events. 

Fall Protection & Rescue Equipment Inspection

This WAH service involves conducting periodic inspections (also referred to as competent person, annual, or semi-annual) inspections of fall protection and rescue PPE.  WAH inspects all PPE for function and condition and provides documentation for each item either validating it's condition or identifying reasons for removal.  The scope of this inspection service is limited to fall protection PPE does not include servicing of items (SRL's, auto-descent devices, etc.) or inspection of anchorages and permanent systems.   

Authorized Person / User / Fall Protection Basics

This WAH training is designed for people that work at-height and actively use fall protection PPE.  They do not have influence over the fall protection program and are not in a supervisory or training role.  This course is developed in cooperation with the organization to identify anchorages, connecting components, harnesses, and rescue systems in use and populates the course curriculum accordingly.  This course can be combined with the WAH Train-the-Trainer for identified trainers to deliver this training event in the future.  Contact WAH to discuss the curriculum. 

Competent / Trainer Fall Protection Training

This course is designed for people directly involved with the implementation of an employers’ fall protection program. This membership is usually used by people in a supervisory, fore-person, education, competent person, trainer, consultative, shop-lead, crew-lead, or safety role for an employer as part of their work. This membership provides resources to identify and assess fall hazards, inspect fall protection PPE, develop procedures, develop / deliver training events on procedures and PPE, and influence the fall protection program. This course requires participation in-person workshop and has an annual continuing education WAH membership option. 

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