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WAH Continuing Education Program

DOWNLOAD the Continuing Education Reporting Form HERE.

WAH believes that knowledge and skills do not "expire" if exercised and applied on a regular basis.  Most fall protection training options for "Re-training" and "re-certification" isn't a progression or growth of knowledge and skill, but often a repeat of previous training.  WAH takes a different approach with a Continuing Education Program. 

Looking at trades or industries that have highly skilled individuals, the training model usually involves an apprenticeship or continuing education element.  WAH has developed a similar approach for fall protection and rescue.  Instead of conducting the traditional days-long course every so many years, the WAH program conducts training events of less duration, but more frequently, progressing with peoples skills and abilities.  WAH training programs include frequent webinars, skills checks, and rescue drills.  Not only does this methodology result in a higher level of knowledge and skill, but certifications are always being refreshed so "expiry dates" are no longer applicable. 

*The following paragraphs detail examples of qualifying activities for Continuing Education Hours.  This is not a complete list as there may be applicable tasks not listed or may change when WAH establishes your training program.

A – At-height Work Hours:  any time spent actively working using PFAS or PTRS can go towards these hours.  Training time is not credited towards work hours.

B – Training / Education Hours:  delivery of any fall protection / rescue education event can be credited towards these hours.  Conducting Training Assessments, Toolbox Talks, speaking about fall protection at staff events, new-hire training, training events / courses, remedial training, drills, skills checks, or fall protection and rescue procedure training qualify for this category.

C – Program / Development Hours:  any time spent on the fall protection program, development, implementation, or professional development can be credited towards this category.  Conducting fall hazard assessments, policy development, procedure development, PPE selection / purchasing, ANSI / CSA / ISO meetings, fall protection safety meetings, incident investigations, trade show sessions, PPE inspections, and program evaluations / improvements qualify as program / development hours.

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